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CMS.jpgCMS Series

The reference standard of the CMS line, the CMS 65 speaker received the 2008 Excellence Award from Pro Audio Review magazine due to its amazing size/price/performance ratio. The tonal balance is extremely stable, even at very loud volumes, ensuring accurate reproduction when mixing and mastering.

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The Solo6 Be monitor will surprise you in the very first minutes you spend with it, partly due to its size/extended bass response (40Hz at -3dB). The 6.5" “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer combines neutrality in the midrange, fullness in the midbass register and bass control.

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SM9.jpgSM9 Series


This monitoring speaker establishes itself as a reference thanks to the precision of the stereo image, its capacity to reproduce each of the micro details of the audio signal , as well as unconditional respect of the original dynamics.

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The Spirit Professional headphones benefit from Focal’s years of expertise. Focal has been designing and manufacturing speaker drivers and loudspeakers since 1979.

These headphones have been designed for sound engineers and musicians. The neutrality of the sound combined with the dynamics of the transducers will enable you to work with great precision.

The memory foam ear cups provide excellent insulation and outstanding comfort.

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Alpha Series

Alpha studio monitors are specifically designed for music creation. Take your compositions to a whole new level!

Thanks to Focal’s exclusive technologies, its expertise in terms of speaker drivers and to the mechanical design of Alpha studio monitors, optimum integration is guaranteed. The environments for music production are very diverse, they are not optimised acoustically, or have only been done so insufficiently, and the listening distances vary greatly. Whether for confined spaces, rooms with poor acoustic qualities or for styles of music, which require neutrality, dynamics and high SPL, Alpha studio monitors are the solution for you.

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shape-twin-visuel-produit.pngSHAPE Series

Designed to meet the needs of nearfield monitoring, Shape monitors combine an ingenuous design and numerous settings optimised for the acoustics of small listening rooms.

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